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Media & Technology Support Services can provide limited support for using Skype on campus. Because Skype is a third-party internet service, we can only provide support in helping you get the hardware and software necessary to use Skype. We can not guarantee call quality or provide anything beyond basic assistance in using the product.

If you wish to use Skype for college-related business (a meeting or in class)

  1. Please keep in mind we require a 5 business day notice in order to provide adequate support for you.
  2. Contact your Information Technology Support Specialist through the Help Desk (, x2006). They will work with you and with Media & Technology support services to determine how we can best to meet your needs.

You will be responsible for having your own Skype account. If you do not have one yet, you can create one the first time you launch the Skype app.

If you need to install Skype on a college-owned computer (including a Lab computer or Media Classroom Instructor Workstation) you may do so on your own through the ZenWorks Adaptive Agent

  • For PC users, follow these steps:
    1. Double-click on the “Computer” Icon on your desktop
    2. Find and double-click on the “Zenworks Adaptive Agent” icon, below the listing of your network drives (you may have to scroll down to find this)
    3. Find and double-click on the “Apps” folder
    4. Locate the “Skype Classroom Installer” icon and double-click. This will install the program on your computer.

For more information and documentation on how to use Skype, please visit Skype’s support page.