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Using the Apple iPad in the classroom

Using the Apple iPad in the classroom
Q: Where do I find educational apps for use in my class?

A: Visit Apple’s Education Store for a full aray of apps for learning. Here is a list of some other great sites.

•60 Apps in 60 Minutes
•iPads in Schools Livebinder
•Android4Schools is dedicated to all things Android. It’s a great place for educators not using iOS (aka Apple) devices or those involved in BYOD initiatives.
Q: How do I display my iPad or iPad 2 in my technology classroom?

A: In order to connect your iPad to the classroom projector, you will need the Apple Dock Connector to VGA adapter. These can be purchased at or can be signed out at our MTSS office located in Forcina Hall.  If using Keynote, check out this MacWorld article – Presenting with the iPad: Tips and tricks for taking Keynote for iPad on the road

Q:When I connect my iPad (1st generation) to the projector, nothing displays! What’s going on?

A: The 1st generation iPad’s support for VGA output is app dependent, meaning that developers had to specifically write their programs to utilize the VGA output. A partial listing of the apps that will use the VGA output is below. The iPad 2 supports full video mirroring, where everything is displayed out the VGA port just like a laptop, so if you want to output video from an app that doesn’t support it directly, you’ll need to upgrade to the iPad 2.

Q: What apps support VGA output on the 1st generation iPad?

A: These apps support the VGA output directly. •Keynote (displays Keynote and Powerpoint files with some limitations. See below.)

•Star Walk (interactive star map portion only)
•Photos (slideshow only)
•Safari (website video content only)

Q: What limitations does the Keynote app have in regards to display of Keynote and Powerpoint presentations?
A: The Keynote app has fairly comprehensive support for presentations created on the desktop versions of Keynote and Powerpoint. Some factors that need to be kept in mind are issues with fonts and animations. Apple has the following tech notes available, which are recommended reading for instructors wanting to use Keynote and the iPad in the classroom. MTSS strongly recommends testing all aspects of your presentation before your class to insure it displays as needed.

Q: How can I display a PDF document? Keynote won’t let me!

A: PresentPad is a free app that supports PDF display. It is available via the iTunes app store.

Q: Can I use the Dock Connector to HDMI adapter in the classroom?

A: No. Currently, most classrooms do not have HDMI input capability. You will need to use the Dock Connector to VGA adapter instead.

Q: How do I playback audio from my iPad?

A: Integrated into the VGA cable is a 3.5mm stereo mini plug. Plug that connector into the headphone output of your iPad and select laptop as your source on the touch panel. Adjust the volume on your iPad and via the room’s Program Volume control to the desired level.