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Digital Signage

MTSS is offering a Digital Signage Server Service using Axis TV from Visix. The service allows Schools and Departments to manage data content on digital displays on campus. Content can be published or updated by authorized content providers via an easy to use web interface. Account permissions are assigned so that users only have write access to the displays that they are responsible for within their School or Department. Separate channels and zones can be defined so that content displayed is tailored for specific audiences.

For additional information on the Digital Signage service please send email to

For training and support of existing installations and developing content on campus, please email to Matt Winkel @

Components of the service:

Digital Signage and Audio/Video Cost

Cost associated with acquiring and installing a digital sign, players, and managing data content.  In order to provide a quote, the MTSS must complete a walk through of the environment with the client to ensure their needs are met. The quote usually includes:

  • Display(Digital Sign) – cost varies by size and manufacturer. Our current recommended model is the NEC X462S.  Estimated cost is $1600.00
  • Player - one-time cost of $2300 plus a annual maintenance cost of $179.00
  • Misc. hardware – such as cables, mounts,. Normally esitmated Cost is $250.00, but may change based upon site survey and facility
  • Training – Content provider training
  • FacilitiesThis will include any electrical and pathway costs
  • IT – This will include installation of new data outlets needed for digital signage to work

Best Practices

Designing content

We encourage those with limited experience with graphic design to contact Matt Winkel via email at

If you have already created a publication, for example a flyer in Word, Powerpoint or Publisher, it needs to be converted to an image format (jpg, for example)

Appropriate content for signage

Examples of appropriate content for the signs includes (but is not limited to):

  • Announcements for upcoming campus events/activities
  • Photographs or short videos showcasing campus events/activities
  • Information about campus services or resources